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Fic: A Very Human Need (Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
I don't know what's wrong with me, but I seem to lack the ability to write SHORT kinkmeme fills. On the bright side though, I'm able to write Dean/Cas again, so thanks for that misachan!

Title: A Very Human Need
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1793
Summary: Written for this prompt on deancaskinkmeme: Castiel may be a few hundred times stronger, but Dean can hold him down by his wings with ease.

Dean hadn't known it at the time, but the first time he met Castiel the angel showed how he might be destroyed. His dark and shadowy wings flickering in the light of the broken barn - if Dean had known then what he knows now there wouldn't be a Castiel anymore. Dean would have grabbed him by those two feathery appendages and blocked his grace entirely, right before slitting his throat.

They didn't imagine then that they would share a mission, a bed, countless nights that left them both sated and boneless. Dean has proved time and time again that Castiel can trust him entirely, but part of being an angel means never forgetting. Therefore, that dark, distrustful first encounter never leaves Castiel's mind completely no matter how many more glorious moments might join it there.

So it is with understandable nervousness that Castiel makes the decision to do what he does now. He has faith in Dean - he has more faith in Dean than in any other being in existence, including himself - but to reveal his wings with the full intention of making them vulnerable is no small thing. If Dean had asked it of him, maybe he would have said no. But Dean wanting this and not asking because he doesn't think he deserves it makes something burn inside of Castiel's borrowed chest. So, with a quiet prayer to a God he no longer believes is listening, he releases the first control he set in place when he took this vessel.

Dean is already half asleep, but he turns over drowsily as if he senses the disruption in the barrier between the human and the divine. What he sees chases the sleep from his face; his eyes grow as wide as those of a frightened child. His voice is a cracked whisper, "Holy..."

"Yes", Castiel nods. "Holy. And wholly yours."

Dean's hands are trembling with the need to touch but he holds himself back. Castiel loathes this restraint, this tendency of Dean's to deny himself what he wants most in the world. Straining against his own impulse to hide, he stretches his wings out further; one feathery tip nearly brushes Dean's face. "Go on. I know you want to."

Dean shakes his head. "You're not supposed to be reading my mind. We've talked about this, Cas."

"I have never voluntarily violated your thoughts", Castiel explains. "But this... Dean, you want it so much that it's as if you were standing in the middle of a room and screaming out your desire for it. It's impossible for me to ignore." Dean flushes red and pulls away from the wing lying tantalizingly close, and Castiel realizes he has chosen his words badly. "Dean, I am not doing this only because you want it, but because it would give me pleasure to please you this way." There is a stab of fear at the center of his grace; he is going to need to ask for this. He forces the words out in the instant before he loses his nerve. "Dean... please."

He asks for so little in bed that Dean must find the request difficult to deny. Slowly, he slides his body over Castiel's his hands resting just below the bottom feathers on each side. "You sure?"

Castiel cannot say it again, so he merely nods.

He expects it to be rough, a clumsy yanking at the tethers that keep him bound to Heaven. So he is entirely unprepared for the way Dean's tentative fingers skim the very edges of his feathers, and less prepared still for the reaction this pulls from him. A million electric shocks dance along his skin, all shooting towards the place where his wings join his body. It is painful and pleasurable all at once and he gasps aloud in genuine surprise.

Dean lifts his hands instantly. "Did I hurt you?"

"No." Castiel is shocked by how ragged his own voice sounds. "Do it again."

Dean still hesitates, so Castiel takes hold of his hands and places them firmly on his wings.

This time he knows what to expect but it doesn't make the sensation any less intense. His eyes clench shut and his toes curl as Dean's fingers - burning hot... how is he so hot? - slowly stroke the feathers. It's instantly addictive, this pleasure-pain, spiking and receding as Dean tightens and releases his grip. Castiel closes his eyes and shuts out sound, narrowing his world to Dean's rough, calloused human-hands playing with the very root of himself.

He has no idea how much time passes before Dean pulls away, but as soon as he does Castiel is filled with a fierce yawning hunger that reminds him of what Famine did to him. There is one more spike of adrenaline as Dean presses a kiss against the tip of one wing and then it's unbearably over. Dean strokes his face as if he's a frightened child and Castiel numbly registers that his cheeks are damp.

"Shhh..." Dean whispers. "That's enough, Cas. It's done."

"No." Castiel surprises himself. "Not done." He had no idea how much he wanted this before, but the idea of stopping now is unbearable. He gathers his wings up above his head. "Do it all."

Dean shakes his head vehemently. "You've taken enough for one night. We've got tomorrow; we've got all the time in-"

Castiel cuts him off with a hungry kiss. There is no tomorrow; there is nothing but this need that Dean started and must finish. He shakes his wings, trying to make them glisten temptingly in the pale moonlight. "Dean, I need you to take me."

Those words must trigger something in Dean, because the light in his eyes changes upon hearing them. He understands, Castiel realizes. Dean understands the need to be both helpless and safe, protected and possessed. It is no wonder he fell enough with this particular human; there is no other being that could comprehend him so completely.

Dean straddles Castiel and leans on his shoulders; if Castiel were a human he would be as helpless now as he longs to be. "You're sure?" Dean asks, and Castiel nods impatiently.

He had no idea he wanted this. He had no idea he could want anything like this before.

Dean checks Castiel's face one more time and seems satisfied with what he sees. In a sudden movement he reaches out and grabs hold of the wings, gathering them both up in one hand. There is a black lightning bolt to Castiel's spine at the first pull, instant and endless, and suddenly he is gasping for breath.

He needs to breathe now.

He is aware suddenly of Dean's weight on his body, of the roughness of the cheap motel blanket against his back. He reaches out and rubs Dean's thighs, realizing for the first time the strength of the muscles there. If they were to fight, like this, Castiel would lose.

The very thought makes his cock and his heart ache.

"Cas?" Dean's face is filled with worry. "Want me to let go?"

"Don't you dare!" The futility of threatening Dean in this state - if he wants to let go, Castiel cannot stop him - is intoxicating.

Luckily, Dean holds on. "You like this."

"Yes", Castiel admits it shamelessly. "Do you?" He can no longer feel desire or pleasure coming off Dean the way he normally does in bed. He needs Dean to tell him.

Dean nods. "I do. I knew I would but..."

"You should have asked."

"I will, next time." Dean kisses him gently and, then, more roughly. "Enough talking now, yeah?"

Dean rakes his free hand experimentally along Castiel's chest and smiles as Castiel arches into the feeling. Five individual nails scoring his skin, leaving little tingles of sensation behind them. But that is nothing compared to the shock of Dean's teeth on his nipple, a sudden thrill that leaves him panting and thrashing. Dean rubs the spot in wonder. "So sensitive..."

"I didn't know", Castiel babbles, "I didn't-"

His words dissolve into a yell as Dean reaches down as takes hold of his cock. He howls in shock; without access to his grace there is no way to block the noise and Sam is sure to hear them from the room next door. Castiel doesn't care in the least, especially when Dean begins to stroke and squeeze him. There is no holding back the desperate noises that erupt from his throat. By God and Lucifer and all the others - is this what it's supposed to feel like?

He whimpers pathetically when Dean lets go, but it's only for a moment. Dean spits hastily on his own hand, and then the fingers are back, moving lower this time. They press into Castiel's body, parting and exploring the suddenly human flesh and and Castiel rocks madly , trying to get as much of Dean into him as he can.

It's nowhere near enough. "Fuck me," he begs. "Dean, I need you to fuck me." It's incredible how fast he's gone from not knowing if he wanted this to it being the most intimate experience of his life. But then Dean is incredible as well.

Dean shakes his head. "Can't do it while I'm holding you down; it'll hurt too much. I can't get you properly lubed and stretched like this. I just wanted you to get a taste of what it feels like, that's all."

He returns his hand to Castiel's cock but no matter how good that feels, it's not what Castiel needs. "I don't care," he insists. "Fuck me anyway."

Dean bites, his lip; Castiel can tell he's tempted. He slides himself against Dean, trying to remind him of how hot and sweet the inside of his body would feel. "I'll heal", he reminds Dean. "As soon as you let me go, I'll heal. But I need to feel this."

And maybe Dean needs it too; maybe he needs to be the one entirely in control for once, since he doesn't argue anymore. Instead, he just positions himself at the entrance to Castiel's body, bracing himself as well as he can with just one hand. He whispers a word that might be thanks, checks Castiel's face one more time for any hesitations and then pushes inside.

Oh... it hurts. Dean was right; this pain is stunning. The heat is overwhelming and his flesh is not nearly wet enough; it resists the invasion no matter how hard Castiel wills himself to relax. But through it all there is Dean, above him and beside him, holding him down and setting him free all at once. Castiel reaches up and traces Dean's arm, massages the hand holding his wings down. He wants this and he asked for it and it's nothing to fear.

And then, endless moments later, Dean is all the way inside of him and there is no room for anything, not even grace or souls, between them.
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*Good morning*, rough sex. Damn. That was something to wake up to <3

LOL - it was fun for me too; all of a sudden I can write Dean!porn again! Such a relief!

oh... wow... yeah.. wow


And ICON LOVE! Why so sexy, Misha? Why?

Yum! I love how Cas trusts Dean so much and there's just something about Cas being helpless for once that I really dig :)

I was just about to go comment on your (similarly named!) fic that came out yesterday, so I'll kill two birds with one stone and say 1) Thank you very much! and 2) OMG - your fic was incredible!


This was really something. It was interesting. Especially with the idea that Cas could not fully trust Dean and the part where he let himself be completely vulnerable. Cas finally let himself fully *feel* and that made this fic really awesome.

Oh, thank you so much! I'd be thinking for a while that if it's hard for a human to hurt Cas, it might be equally hard for one to give him pleasure. I really liked the prompt for this, because it let me explore that.

This was incredibly sexy and sensual. I loved the idea behind this fic, ant the fic itself too. Beautiful work.

Cheers! I really liked the prompt for this, so it's very nice to hear you think I did it justice.

Oh wo! I just love the amount of trust and love that Cas shows Dean here.

Just beautiful!

Thank you ;)

I can do Dean!porn again! I'm ecstatic!

Hnggggg what an awesome thing to wake up to. This is lovely. Hnnnnnnnnnnngggggg *faints*

Oh that was amazing! Honestly amazing doesn't even cut it. There needs to be more of this in the world now!!

Aw, you're lovely! Thanks for the kind words!


I think I'm going to need an ambulance.

That was amazing.

HA! Much appreciated, thank you!

The pleasure struggle going on between them, their desires to be possessed by each other . . . very delicious.

Thank you! I think a real problem with these two (either as lovers or friends or what have you) is that they're very good at giving themselves away but less skilled with taking. So I really wanted to explore the idea of Dean accepting Castiel's submission as something he could have and enjoy.

And the GIFs! How cool are her(?) GIFs?

Pretty spectacular! And you know how much I love my gifs!

I remember you! You always have the GIFs of awesomeness!

LOL - I'm collecting cool GIFs on this post!

*hugs* Thank you, hon!

EEEEEEEEEEE! You hardly ever find wing!fic from Cas' POV, and this is just gorgeous. I loved the description of the need building in Cas from that first touch. And I love your Cas, the way he sees Dean and how he's just the right amount of not-human.

Everything I wanted from that prompt! Thank you!

Oh! I'm so glad you liked it! I've never done wingfic before - I'm not actually all that into wings, but I really liked what they represented in your prompt (a weak spot, vulnerability). Thanks for kickstarting the D/C muse again!

LOVE EET. Love the idea that wings are so vulnerable. Love that Cas doesn't feel much of anything until they're pinned. LOOOOOOOOVE.

Cheers! Thanks for reading and commenting - much appreciated :)

If you like wings, the themed post at deancaskink is all about wings atm. Every wingkink under the sun!

Awesome, I'll have to check that out later!

LOL - thanks very much. And love your icon!

A very interesting take on wing!fics, and really well-written. The sensations and emotions came across amazingly. Just, wow!

Thanks very much! It was my first wingfic, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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