Full-fledged fandomy argument

I had a fandomesque discussion turn kinda angry today. It's been a while since that happened; I can't say I've missed it. But at least it was familiar territory!

There's a new American English teacher at work (he's going to cover for me when I go on mat leave). He's sort of ... dudebro-y, if you know what I mean. So besides "here's the job, please don't leave it in a fucking mess for me when I get back" we haven't had a lot to talk about. But today he mentioned that he likes the Big Bang Theory. So I thought we could go with that for a while.

I said how much Amy's character cracks me up. He was just "meh", which is fine. We don't all have to like the same characters. Then he said that he thought Sheldon should be with Penny. I'd never thought of that as a possible pairing, so I asked why.

Dudebro: Well... she's hot, you know.
Me: Yeah, but Sheldon doesn't care about stuff like that.
D: Yeah, but if he had a hotter girl it'd be better for him. Plus she'd be good for him because she could teach him about social stuff.
M: Well, what does she get out of the relationship?
D: What do you mean?
M: Well, leaving aside the fact that Penny's a pretty sexual person and Sheldon thinks sex is gross, he drives her up the wall a lot of the time and doesn't like any of the stuff she likes. What does she get out of dating him?
D: A really smart guy.
M: She's got one. Leonard has a Ph.D in physics.
D: Yeah, but Leonard's not as cool as Sheldon.
M: From Penny's perspective? I don't think she considers either of them cool. That's not a thing she's looking for in this relationship.
D: Whatever. Sheldon's cooler and he should have the hotter girl.

Yeah. Let's just use attractive women as rewards for characters we like. Never mind the fact that, intentionally or not, he routinely insults and offends her. And while we're at it, let's write off a really funny and original character as a love interest because this guy doesn't want to bang her. How fun.

Dear Peter David

I will always love your work; there's no point in pretending otherwise. But if you kill the character you seem to be planning to kill, you will break my heart into 10000 painful little pieces. So I beg you, if you need to kill someone, kill that guy instead. Or that lady. Or, if you really must, that other guy.

But not this one, please. This one's special.

In other news, not spoiling stuff is HARD.

Lifelong dream comes true

This week, we made an incredibly reckless investment that will probably result in having to slash costs in almost all other areas of our lives and I don't even care because this is something I've wanted for so long that I can't even remember when I first started dreaming of it.

We own a boat!!!

Fics: Dean/Castiel and Rictor/Shatterstar

I've got TWO today!

The first is D/C and as written for PajamaSecrets for the D/C secret Santa Challenge. The prompt was an emotional make-out session in Purgatory.

And the second is my Yuletide story. It was written for Dett, who asked for "delicious Ric/Star" and therefore let my fluffy plotbunny run free!

Enjoy, if you're so inclined!


I just woke up from a very strange dream. Jim Beaver was in it. He kept giving me various cats. I asked him to stop, and he got all offended. Then he made me a quiche.

I felt this should be recorded and now I've done it. So back to bed I go.

...I really want quiche now though.

Worlds collide

I teach an AMAZING teenage girl at her home on Saturdays. I really like this kid - she's funny and smart and geeky, pretty much the exact kind of student that makes teaching fun. So I've got to remind myself sometimes that I'm her teacher and not her friend and so I can't really nerd-out with her.

I got to the house yesterday and she was reading something on her computer that was clearly in English. I asked her what it was.

It was misachan's fic!

I was JUST able to refrain from shrieking "OMG - I know her! She's so cool! Do you ship D/C?!? I dooooo!!!" But it was seriously a close one.

Oh - and Misa please don't worry! The fic was age-appropriate.

READ THIS!!! Huge, huge fic rec

I've spent the evening happily devouring the Yuletide offerings in my favourite fandoms, and I'm sure I'll come back with a much bigger rec post in about a week or so. But this particular story COULD NOT WAIT. It's just one of the very best things I've ever read.

If you're familiar at all with X-Factor (comic book, not singing talent show) you'll be stunned by how brilliantly in character this is. The voices, the motivations, the relationships, THE TEAM DYNAMIC - if reveals show that this fic was written by Peter David himself I won't be even slightly surprised. It's that spot-on perfect. The mix of action, mysticism, friendship, romance and humour are all why this is my favourite comic ever, and it's all done so very very well.

It's no secret that I ship Theresa/Monet like FedEx, and this fic turns the currently hopeless state of that relationship on it's head and provides a wonderful (and so believable!) solution. And this is probably the only Moneterry (no idea if that's the actual shipname or I just made that up, but I think I'm keeping it) that I've ever read in which Monet's past with Theresa's father is called into play. The scene with Sean Cassidy (one of my favourite characters in the history of characters) honestly brought tears to my eyes. And it's just one of a million things I could point to that shows how very well this author knows these characters.

So if you like X-Factor, please read this. If you like femslash, please read this. If you just feel like a well-written, clever, spooky romance, you should be reading this right now!

It's called Heartlines and it's here: