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I'm just here for the porn...

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READ THIS!!! Huge, huge fic rec
I've spent the evening happily devouring the Yuletide offerings in my favourite fandoms, and I'm sure I'll come back with a much bigger rec post in about a week or so. But this particular story COULD NOT WAIT. It's just one of the very best things I've ever read.

If you're familiar at all with X-Factor (comic book, not singing talent show) you'll be stunned by how brilliantly in character this is. The voices, the motivations, the relationships, THE TEAM DYNAMIC - if reveals show that this fic was written by Peter David himself I won't be even slightly surprised. It's that spot-on perfect. The mix of action, mysticism, friendship, romance and humour are all why this is my favourite comic ever, and it's all done so very very well.

It's no secret that I ship Theresa/Monet like FedEx, and this fic turns the currently hopeless state of that relationship on it's head and provides a wonderful (and so believable!) solution. And this is probably the only Moneterry (no idea if that's the actual shipname or I just made that up, but I think I'm keeping it) that I've ever read in which Monet's past with Theresa's father is called into play. The scene with Sean Cassidy (one of my favourite characters in the history of characters) honestly brought tears to my eyes. And it's just one of a million things I could point to that shows how very well this author knows these characters.

So if you like X-Factor, please read this. If you like femslash, please read this. If you just feel like a well-written, clever, spooky romance, you should be reading this right now!

It's called Heartlines and it's here:

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I spent all of yesterday browsing through yuletide too, but I somehow didn't notice the X-Factor stories... but thanks for the heads up.

Here's the link to the X-Factor subcategory. They're buried all the way at the bottom :(


TOTALLY RIGHT about that fic. As you already know. The Penance mention alone!

Isn't it brilliant? I actually gasped out loud when Penance was brought up, because OF COURSE Monet knows what it's like to lose control like that, but I never made the connection until that moment. Such a clever link!

I just wanted to thank you again for this rec. You've actually inspired me to continue writing Monet/Terry (I, too, will pick up the torch of Moneterry), because they are so wonderful together! (PS. I friended you, I hope that is okay -- I don't want to miss out on any awesome fic from you! Also, I liked your Justin Trudeau posts).

No need for thanks at all - it really is brilliant fic! And I'll friend you right now; I love your stuff so it'll be a great way of keeping up with it all. And yay - another Justinite! Are you Canadian?

Yay, excellent!

And yes, I am Canadian. I actually saw Justin Trudeau speak a few years ago at a conference -- he was very compelling!

Cool - where are you from? I grew up in Ontario, but I live in Japan now, since my husband is Japanese and we have a business here.

LOL - York Region?

Love your icon, btw!

I was originally from a little east of Toronto, but now live in the Ottawa area (winter does suck up here haha).

And thank you! I just had to make a moneterry one. :D Yours looks like he is staring into my soul. ♥

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