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I'm just here for the porn...

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Worlds collide
I teach an AMAZING teenage girl at her home on Saturdays. I really like this kid - she's funny and smart and geeky, pretty much the exact kind of student that makes teaching fun. So I've got to remind myself sometimes that I'm her teacher and not her friend and so I can't really nerd-out with her.

I got to the house yesterday and she was reading something on her computer that was clearly in English. I asked her what it was.

It was misachan's fic!

I was JUST able to refrain from shrieking "OMG - I know her! She's so cool! Do you ship D/C?!? I dooooo!!!" But it was seriously a close one.

Oh - and Misa please don't worry! The fic was age-appropriate.
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*cackles* oh that is too funny :P

It was nuts!

I'm wondering if there's any nice way to ask her to always have fanfic NOT on the computer when I come over though. I If I ever catch her reading my stuff I think I might not be able to deal.

!!!!! Oh, how cool! Which one was it, do you know?

The one where Castiel puts his cell phone on silent by accident, and Dean freaks out. I really liked that one; she inspired me to reread it now!

And Dude - icon win!

This seriously made my weekend.:)

And thanks! When I was going to post the link to the Yuletide fic I realized I didn't have my X-Factor icons any more and had to fix that immediately.:)

I'm waiting for the d/c secret santa reveals to link mine, since I figure I might as well link two fics at once. But it feels like it's taking a very long time this year.

It's supposed to be some time today, IIRC. I've been refreshing all day.

It's always strange when people in RL are part of fandom. Does your student know you write fanfic too?

Definitely not!!! Fannish stuff is pretty common here, but she'd want to read it, and that's no good for all kinds of reasons!

To be honest, I didn't know she was even into SPN. I know that she writes Angry Birds fanfic, but I've never asked to see it because if it's birdporn or something I'd rather not know!

Wow, there's Angry Birds fanfiction? I mean, I knew fandom was expanding, what with anthropomorfic "Milky Way" and "Knitting" fanfiction, but somehow, I'm still surprised by this.

It's a thing!


Probably more popular here than in English speaking places. Angry Birds is HUUUUUGE here.

Milky way???? Like the galaxy? Or the chocolate bar?

Holy... a whole category.

It was the galaxy one! Though it's probably more accurate to say astronomy fic considering they included a twitterfic about history of astronomy, a fauxblog written by Earth about the other planets, and fic about a spaceship.

Though now that you mention the chocolate bar...

A blog written by earth...

OK - gotta read this now.

Well THIS is brilliant! Just figured out how to kill today...

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