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I'm just here for the porn...

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Guess what tumblr taught me!
Rabbits apparently shrink when wet!!!


This is now the best thing I know.

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Cuuuuuuuute!!! Cats also shrink when wet, especially their spindly little legs. LOL

Do they??? That must be so cute! But there's no way Taco or Squidsy would let me wash them to find out. They don't even link it when I try to brush them; they give me this look like bitch, PLEASE. My species was worshiped as Gods in Egypt 5000 years before you were born. I think maybe I've got grooming down,thanks.

Cutest pic ever! Hope the bunneh is a happy one!

At that exact moment, I'd say probably not. But he looks healthy and well-loved in general, imo.

But they expand once you get them in the tumble dryer! ;D

I kid! I kid only!

I'm just imagining what my cat would do to me if I tried to wash him like that. The water would be red, that's all I'll say..

I bathed my cats once, due to fleas, and it was a nightmare. I managed to escape any terrible injuries, but the worst part of the whole thing was the screams. They were like the screams of the damned or something. The angry, tortured damned.

Is it like when you have to put them in their carriers, and they make that sound like they're saying "maroon"? MaROOOOON!

Oh! Poor scared kitty! I'm glad they included the note that he was treated well and found a good home.

Those ferals of mine are doing very well. I think one of them may be socializing. She lets me pet her now, and yesterday when I brought the food she came over and rubbed against my legs. I think I'm gonna call her Nori, since she's all black.

Aw, what a cute name! The crazy growling didn't even really concern me--my cat Flash sounds almost that bad when I clip his nails, and I know I'm not hurting him in any way. He just likes to express his displeasure in an extremely vocal way.

Lord, the one time we had to wash Timmy due to him erupting all over himself from every orifice while in his carrier, you'd have thought we were murdering a thousand violins. With rusty chainsaws and broken glass.

It was traumatizing for all involved.

I wash the dogs pretty frequently in the summer, since they're often rolling around in cowpats and the like. The cats sometimes sit on the sidelines and stare, like they can't believe how barbaric the whole thing is.

Is that your kitty in the icon?

Aye, that's my Timmy. Normally he autowashes quite well, but a couple times he made a break into the garage, and I couldn't let him lick his paws off. And once or twice he's messed his carrier and we had to wash him more thoroughly. Pulling teeth with an overdone noodle might have been easier. :O

He's beautiful. Such a lovely colour, and his eyes are so big and bright.

Thank you! He's my joli jaune chat - my pretty yellow cat. Well, technically more tan/cream, and he does a marvelous job of imitating a decorative throw pillow to match the couch!

The Cute, it has killeded me.

I love the expression on it's face! It's like, "but where has my body mass gone???"

Oh my god SO CUTE. This is what rabbits look like when their fur is wet? Aww. (and that head now looks giant).

It does look huge, doesn't it? I thought someone had photoshopped a rabbit head on a hamster body at first!

That is so cute! Awwww.

I just want to pat his little head and tell him he'll get his fluff back soon!

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