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I'm just here for the porn...

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Fics: Dean/Castiel and Rictor/Shatterstar
I've got TWO today!

The first is D/C and as written for PajamaSecrets for the D/C secret Santa Challenge. The prompt was an emotional make-out session in Purgatory.


And the second is my Yuletide story. It was written for Dett, who asked for "delicious Ric/Star" and therefore let my fluffy plotbunny run free!


Enjoy, if you're so inclined!
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Semi-underground fandoms fanfics are really dificult to find, and i apreciate every one i found. Thanks for the fic, it was delicious!

Wow, thanks for coming over to comment; that's really nice of you! And there were two other x-factor stories written for Yuletide this year, both of which were SPECTACULAR. So if you're looking for more, you'll love them. I have one linked under my recs tag.

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