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I'm just here for the porn...

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Dear Peter David
I will always love your work; there's no point in pretending otherwise. But if you kill the character you seem to be planning to kill, you will break my heart into 10000 painful little pieces. So I beg you, if you need to kill someone, kill that guy instead. Or that lady. Or, if you really must, that other guy.

But not this one, please. This one's special.

In other news, not spoiling stuff is HARD.

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*hasn't gotten comics yet*

*hides whole team in a corner*

*hides Ric and 'Star in an extra dark corner.*

The boys are ok, but brace yourself anyway. It's BAD news.

MEEP. (Spoiler cut me, maybe?)

Ok, but you were warned!


It's Monet. Darwin sensed it when they were fighting. Layla's apparently known for a while. No explanation for it yet, just 'Do you know she's dying?' 'Yes.'

This angers me!

Edited at 2013-02-10 05:04 am (UTC)

I think I finally figured out how the spoiler tag works!

Ah, jeez.

[Spoiler (click to open)]I thought it might be, just knowing which characters would get you upset. I kind of feel like there's gotta be some kind of swerve coming though, especially with the set up being this blatant (Esp with Guido just coming back out of nowhere!) I would be really skeptical about this being a perma-death - I mean, they recently had Zombie Robert E. Lee point out IN STORY that the mutants tend to not stay dead. And the team has multiple gods on their side.

So I dunno. I think she might die, but only mostly die. Or at least I hope so.

[spoilery reply]

I do think that Davis might be setting up a redemption story for Guido with this. With all the Hell lords hanging around, it's possible that he might arrange a his life for hers trade. It could even be what that mysterious shadowy figure wanted to talk to him all the way back when, and it seems he really does love her. Plus who knows just what Tier is capable of.

So I hope you're right!

On the upshot, Tier is freaking ADORABLE. Way to produce awesome god-babies, Rahne.

I kind of wonder if the old New Mutants know about Tier. "She had a BABY? With an Asgardian God??? Dude, you think we should send flowers or something?"

I'm in denial! I don't like the idea at all, so I am just pretending I never read that one sentence! Everyone lives happily ever after, the end. ; ;

A part of me doesn't think he'll actually go through with it, but another part is totally freaked.

Can I join your denial club?

Yes, the Denial Club is awesome. Room for everyone who wants to join!

Awesome! I'll bring brownie cheesecake.

I need so badly to get caught up.

So badly.

The current story arc is actually pretty interesting. The Hell lords thing is kind of cool.

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