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I'm just here for the porn...

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Full-fledged fandomy argument
I had a fandomesque discussion turn kinda angry today. It's been a while since that happened; I can't say I've missed it. But at least it was familiar territory!

There's a new American English teacher at work (he's going to cover for me when I go on mat leave). He's sort of ... dudebro-y, if you know what I mean. So besides "here's the job, please don't leave it in a fucking mess for me when I get back" we haven't had a lot to talk about. But today he mentioned that he likes the Big Bang Theory. So I thought we could go with that for a while.

I said how much Amy's character cracks me up. He was just "meh", which is fine. We don't all have to like the same characters. Then he said that he thought Sheldon should be with Penny. I'd never thought of that as a possible pairing, so I asked why.

Dudebro: Well... she's hot, you know.
Me: Yeah, but Sheldon doesn't care about stuff like that.
D: Yeah, but if he had a hotter girl it'd be better for him. Plus she'd be good for him because she could teach him about social stuff.
M: Well, what does she get out of the relationship?
D: What do you mean?
M: Well, leaving aside the fact that Penny's a pretty sexual person and Sheldon thinks sex is gross, he drives her up the wall a lot of the time and doesn't like any of the stuff she likes. What does she get out of dating him?
D: A really smart guy.
M: She's got one. Leonard has a Ph.D in physics.
D: Yeah, but Leonard's not as cool as Sheldon.
M: From Penny's perspective? I don't think she considers either of them cool. That's not a thing she's looking for in this relationship.
D: Whatever. Sheldon's cooler and he should have the hotter girl.

Yeah. Let's just use attractive women as rewards for characters we like. Never mind the fact that, intentionally or not, he routinely insults and offends her. And while we're at it, let's write off a really funny and original character as a love interest because this guy doesn't want to bang her. How fun.

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I get what you're saying here, but I don't think wanting to be with Penny makes Leonard seem shallow. She's not a Playboy or Victoria Secret model (and if she were, there would still be more to her than that). She's a college student now and a bit of a tomboy (if you haven't seen it, the scene where she teaches Howard to gut a fish is awesome) and she's flawed in her own ways (she's a slob, she's terrified of commitment). And she does genuinely care about the guys - there has been more than one episode where she's intervened because they were being used by women who didn't really care about them.

Wow - that turned out to be loooong. Sorry if it was lecturey - not my intent! Agree to disagree?

And if you're looking to get back into the show, Kate Micucci just joined the cast. The gooch!

I was more worried about the writers being shallow and not Leonard. :D I'm sure when I have a chance to watch more of the show and see the relationship develop, I'll see it's more than nerd wants hot girl and that both have an actual personality beyond their labels. I'm just tired of the "nerd deserves hot girl because writer is a nerd who's living out his fantasy through the TV show he writes" cliche being played out over and over.

BBT is one of the shows on my list to Netflix. I have MANY. I'm doing the ones that seem to have a more limited DVD supply first (you can tell because their discs often go on the Short Wait list instead of being readily available when you ask for them), because once a Netflix disc becomes too scratched up to stay in circulation, they can take a while to be replaced, or might never be replaced at all. So those get first priority. Then I rent the TV shows that will be in great supply for a long time coming because they are recent and popular. :)

I'm soooo jealous of people with access to Netflix! It seems like such a cool resource.

Does Japan have anything like Netflix?

I love Netflix. LOVE. Hi, meet my husband, Netflix. I am Mrs. Netflix.

Sadly, no. Nothing that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and have pretty limited service as well. I can go to a mangakissa, but they usually only have anime and if I want to see that there's, you know, TV.

But I wish you and your hubby a lifetime of happiness!

I hope someday you find a Netflix substitute so you and your husband can enter into a threesome relationship with it. Any man I date is going to have to understand that Netflix isn't going ANYWHERE.

Back to the subject of your post, to say that Sheldon deserves the hottest girl because he's the "coolest" or funniest or whatever is to misunderstand the character. I've seen enough of Amy and Sheldon to know that she's better for him.

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